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For more than a decade, the simple outreach initiated in 2009 has steadily evolved into a sustainable stewardship program and an entire array of initiatives for the environment. Learn More >

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Cleaning up the shoreline and the ocean is everybody’s business. This is the message imparted by the Shore It Up campaign of Metro Pacific Investments Foundation. Shore It Up is the corporate social responsibility project of MPIC under Metro Pacific Investments Foundation (MPIF). It focuses on underwater and coastal clean-up as its core activity.


Mangrove Centers

Shore It Up’s Commitment to Rescue, Restore, Revive the Mangroves. The Mangrove Centers shall serve as the center for the protection and propagation of mangrove trees in coastal estuaries, including the rehabilitation of degraded mangroves in the coastal communities of the country, while providing information for locals, tourists and guests on the value and benefits of mangroves in our ecosystem.

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Shore Clean-Up

The first coastal clean-up in Anilao last September 2009, with 20 volunteers from Scuba world and Outrigger Dive Resort. This entailed the physical removal of so much human trash and refuse from the waters of this precious segment of Batangas Bay, even on the heels of another typhoon. At the end of the day, bags of plastics, cans, wrappers, bottles, tetras, metals, and many more were removed from the marine haven.

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