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Saving the Marine

Cleaning up the shoreline and the ocean is everybody’s business. This is the message imparted by the Shore It Up campaign of Metro Pacific Investments Foundation. “We Filipinos love the beach; this is our way of spreading the message that, it’s time every one of us do our part. We have seen the devastation of the recent typhoons, especially after tons of garbage are left when the flood subsided.

“We hope everyone realizes what this means. We should do something; it’s time to clean up,” said Ms. Melody del Rosario.

Shore It Up is the corporate social responsibility project of MPIC under Metro Pacific Investments Foundation (MPIF). It focuses on underwater and coastal clean-up as its core activity. Yearly, Shore It Up also engages in various environmental rescue, restoration and revival activities such as mangrove planting, tree planting, giant clam seeding, giant clam moving, and artificial reef installation to name a few.


The Mother of Shore It Up

Ms. Del Rosario has been with the Metro Pacific Group since 1993 and has over 28 years of experience heading MPIC's public and media relations, corporate communications, advertising and corporate social responsibility (CSR).
In these various capacities, Ms. del Rosario is also in charge of strengthening the credibility and corporate communication programs, handling reputation and crisis management, as well as working closely with the corporate communication teams and CSR heads of the group.

She has institutionalized long running programs and legacy projects with coastal communities under MPIC'S "Shore it Up” in order to raise the environmental awareness, increase mangrove propagations and offset carbon footprints.
Ms. del Rosario is also the Corporate Information Officer of MPIC for the Philippine Stock Exchange.


Board of Advisors

Our practice in Shore it Up is not far from our corporate culture in MPIC, we engage technical partners who are experts in the industry to give us insights in achieving our long-term goals. The quest to raise the level of awareness on our marine ecosystem has gone beyond coastal cleanup. We realized that if we want to create a bigger, deeper and lasting impact, our journey, should be well-guided, saving the foundation’s precious time and funding; while avoiding possible setbacks. And so we have formed SIU’s board of advisors: Chosen because they stood out from the rest, possess solid experiences, generous in sharing information and passionate in their field.

RADM Geronimo P. Reyes PCGA

Coastal Clean-up

Dr. Jurgenne Primavera



Anvil Award of Merit for sustained PR Program for the Environment

Shore it Up 2012: Rescue, Restore, Revive 2012 Anvil Awards, and Public Relations Society of the Philippines