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We are aware of the risks involved and by submitting this registration, we hereby discharge, release, waive and quit claim any and all causes of action against Shore It Up, its sponsors, organizers, ground partners, officers and team leaders from any injuries and incapabilities as a result of our voluntary participation on its activities.

We also certify that all members are physically and medically fit to participate in this event and can lift weight more than their own body, have no heart and respiratory problems, can stand activities that require excessive body movements, not pregnant and have no contagious diseases.

Be A Member

Shore It Up has more than 71,000 volunteers who have participated in its activities since it started in 2009. With multiple sites nationwide and LGU/private partners supporting its efforts, Shore It Up has proven to be one of the most successful and sustained CSR program in the country.

Media publicity has also contributed to the success of Shore It Up’s awareness program. The Facebook page alone has close to 6,500 followers with posts reaching up to more than 65,000 people. Not to mention features on national print newspapers and national television programs.

Thousands from various sectors expressed their intent to support and join Shore It Up in an effort to Rescue, Restore and Revive the environment. With the right program to manage this interest, having serious members nationwide will contribute to the success of the Shore It Up Weekend which is due to be launched next year.

Shore It Up Membership Program aims to achieve the following:

  1. Create a community of like-minded people who will support all activities and projects of Shore It Up.
  2. Create a database of volunteers, experts and leaders who can be tapped if the need arises.
  3. Generate positive economic impact to sites/communities through (a) promotion of eco-tourism sites of partner LGUs; and (b) promotion of services of private partners by endorsement to volunteers.
  4. Extend privileges to volunteers generated by partnerships to hotels/resorts, dive operators, and other service providers who are duly accredited and official partners of Shore It Up.
  5. Collect ideas and best practices that can be incorporated to future projects of Shore It Up.
  6. Expand reach to potential advocates of the Shore It Up Weekend.

Benefits of Members:


  1. Official Membership Card will be issued to approved members
  2. Access to directory of SIU partners and service providers
  3. Participation to Shore It Up activities and projects
  4. Discount and privileges to Shore It Up partners nationwide (10% – 50% discounts*)
  5. Inclusion in the use of “Shore It App”** – for announcements, data sharing, schedules, etc.
  6. Participation to training and other educational programs
  7. A mangrove to be planted under your name.

*Subject to terms and conditions of partners

**Future project

How to apply for Shore It Up membership?

  1. Apply on-line using this link: An email will be sent to you to acknowledge your application.
  2. Wait for an email notice if your application is approved or not. Other details and instructions are included in the email.
  3. Pay the membership processing fee of Php 300.00 + shipping fee. Bank details will be included in the approval email.
  4. Send the scanned copy of the deposit slip by replying and attaching it to the approval email.
  5. Wait for your membership card. Please allow seven (7) to ten (10) working days.

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SIU focuses on underwater and coastal clean-up as its core activity.