Junior Environmental Scouts

Junior Environmental Scouts

1. Icebreaker
Children will be grouped according to animals and habitats or through drawn by lot. This will depend on the number of children and groups.

2. Talk about the problem
Students are shown photos of devastated habitats—land, sea and sky—and are made to identify the cause. This portion provides the team with the information on the level of awareness of the children towards the problems.

3. Introduction of the MVP Group of Companies Shore It Up and Junior Environmental Scouts program. This portion introduces the companies under the MVP group of companies as the lead proponent of the Shore It Up program. The sponsors and partners are introduced as big sisters and brothers who will help them understand the importance of environmental protection and conservation through the JES program.

 1. Film review
Children are made to identify the key characters, retell the story as they understand it and are asked to process how they feel about it.

2. Rescue, Restore and Revive with the help of the MVP Group of Companies
This portion encourages the students to identify the problem points and reintroduces the usual action call of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to Shore It Up’s
theme: Rescue Restore and Revive.

Using the learning from the film review and processing, the children are encouraged to create artwork to showcase how they intend to apply the theme
RESCUE, RESTORE and REVIVE in their own community. What will they say, who they think can help them and how they intend to do this.
Each child is expected to produce his/her own artwork with a help of a big brother/sister from the Shore It Up volunteers.

1. The identified judges will choose the best artwork/s.
2. For their attendance, students are given school bags with school and art supplies. They are also given a certificate of attendance and a button pin.
3. The students are inducted as official Junior Environmental Scouts by the LGU present and Ms. Melody del Rosario, VP for PR and Corporate Communications of MPIC.