Coastal/Underwater Clean-ups

Coastal/Underwater Clean-ups

LGUs who are interested to conduct a simultaneous coastal clean-up in their area in partnership with Shore It Up (SIU) must follow the SIU Coastal Clean-up arrangements in order to have a meaningful and result oriented coastal clean-up event. The LGU partner will be responsible for all of the event’s organizational functions and volunteer recruitment for each site. The LGU partner shall assign an SIU Area Coordinator who will be handling multiple sites and an SIU Site Coordinator who will handle a specific site only. 

Shore It Up’s Commitment to Rescue, Restore, Revive the Mangroves

The Mangrove Protection/ Propagation & Information Center (M.P.I.C.) is a legacy of Metro Pacific Investments Foundation, through Shore It Up and its LGU partner, to the Filipino people.

This facility shall serve as the center for the protection and propagation of mangrove trees in coastal estuaries, including the rehabilitation of degraded mangroves in the coastal communities of the country, while providing information for locals, tourists and guests on the value and benefits of mangroves in our ecosystem.

Three Mangrove Centers Nationwide (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao)