Mangrove Centers

Mangrove Centers Mangroves in TroubleForested mangrove in the Philippines has decreased from an estimated coverage of 450,000 ha in 1918 to less than 120,000 ha in the late 1990’s. The most rapid decrease in mangrove coverage occurred during the 1960’s and 1970’s when national policies encouraged the expansion of aquaculture. Today, fishponds cover about 289,000 …

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Coastal/Underwater Clean-ups

Coastal/Underwater Clean-ups LGUs who are interested to conduct a simultaneous coastal clean-up in their area in partnership with Shore It Up (SIU) must follow the SIU Coastal Clean-up arrangements in order to have a meaningful and result oriented coastal clean-up event. The LGU partner will be responsible for all of the event’s organizational functions and …

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