Marker and Mooring Buoys

Marker and Mooring Buoys


1. Anchor Damage v Boat anchors are causing considerable damage to coral reefs, including coral breakage and fragmentation. Anchoring also damages reef-associated habitats such as sea grasses, which provide important nursery and juvenile habitats for many coral reef species. 

2. Human activity at Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) v MPAs restrict human activity for a conservation purpose, typically to protect natural or cultural resources. But since MPAs in Mabini are not properly marked, human activities such as fishing, etc. are common. 

Proposed Solutions 

Shore It Up’s The Buoy Project endeavor to provide immediate solution to mitigate the negative environmental impact of diving activity to coral reefs of Mabini, Batangas. It also aims to lessen human activity in the four (4) marine protected areas. 

1. Anchor Damage Solution: Provide and install mooring buoys for dive boats. 

2. Human activity at Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Solution: Provide and install lighted buoys to mark locations of MPAs. 

3. Continuous awareness campaign to both local and national level. 

Partnership Structure 

• Metro Pacific Investments Corp. – Through Shore It Up will provide initial ten (10) buoys and will also take care of the installation and volunteers.  

• LGU Mabini
– To adopt the project and ensure sustainability through protection and/or
providing a local ordinance for this project. 

• Other agencies to be involved for maintenance and monitoring: 
• PNP Maritime 
• Philippine Coast Guard 
• Boat Association
• Resort/Dive Operator Association